Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday morning

woke up this morning and K and I had sex. she had some difficulty cuming so she used her rabbit vibrator while I watched. when she was done I fucked her until I came. This made me think that if she was my Mistress, she would have made me watch her cum then not allowed me to do anything. I am trying to get her to be more assertive in her everyday life, she tends towards the passive aggressive method of getting her way (which she almost always does). Why can't she just tell me what to do or what she wants? Not sure if it is in her nature but will keep trying. I have listed a number of chastity blogs that I have found, let me know if you anyone knows of any others. pictured is a neosteel chastity belt that I would love to find myself in. later today I am going to try my hand at captioning some pics.

on a different note: what is the relationship between male chastity and sissification? it seems that a lot of men who are chastized are further pushed into wearing panties and other sissy type activities. I would have no problem if K ordered me to do this, I just am curious what everyone feels about the common threads.

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