Thursday, February 26, 2009

head strong

K and I are both head strong and we tend to fight on and off. Nothing serious, but I always wonder what the outcome would be if she had me in chastity. I am becoming increasingly of the opinion that what we need is for a dominant man or woman to seduce K and enslave or control us both. I think she would fall for the right woman and I certainly would be willing. Imagine the scene, K and her lover enjoying sex while I was chastised, unable to get hard or participate. What if a man seduced her, demanding she lock me up and that he hold the key? What would he make me do to be allowed to cum? K would never cheat on her own but who knows what she would do if she knew I was ok with it. I have read (and jerked off to) a number of stories where an Alpha male enslaves the husband and seduces the wife. With K being bi, a woman would work well. What if the woman was an lesbian? Would she ever let me out of my chastity device? Hot ideas!!!

Now dear reader I have 2 challenges for you, first: How do I find someone to seduce my wife?

Second, if someone send me 10 questions to answer I will publish the questions and answers in my blog.

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