Monday, February 23, 2009


The universe if conspiring to prevent me from cumming. Yesterday, K got her period. I had a lazy afternoon, and as usual, was looking at porn. I started to jerk off and every time I was ready to cum, something interrupted me. Once it was the kids, once it was K. No one caught me, but I had to stop and start over. Finally I gave up. This morning, before work, I was playing with myself, but could not finish before I had to leave. Just to really get the point across, my birdlock chastity device arrived today! I put it on immediately (pics to follow). so much for cumming.

As for the birdlock, it was difficult to put on because my balls ride very close to my body. like most non belt devices, a certain amount of hang is assumed, which I do not have. I probably should work on that, putting a ball stretcher on before work. Once I wrangled it on, it was comfortable. Will let everyone know how it goes.

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