Thursday, February 19, 2009

a proper post

now that I am done with work for the day I have time for a proper post. I am struggling with conflicting feelings. I really would like to be locked up with my wife, K, holding the key. I would lover for her to tease me and prevent me from cuming. I am not sure how she will react to my request. I am trying to plant the seeds, calling her my Queen and my Goddess. pictured is a chastity belt I am enamored with. the only thing stopping me is the cost. I have posed the question on Fetlife ( on how to go about asking her and got a number of useful suggestions. She is very bi, but a bit submissive to men (more aggressive with women). Maybe I could find a Mistress for both of us? any thoughts from the general audience would be appreciated. Now off to dinner.


  1. hey sara, great blog. You got me addicted.
    First a suggestion, if your wife is interested/like to play with women too, could you try to find an occasional girlfriend for her but someone who has also FemDom tendency. So you would 1) please your wife Mistress finding someone to have fun with and 2) have someone who could inspire your wife domination feelings. Keep up posted
    Second, can I ask you where did you get that nice count up widget?

  2. the count up timer can be found on blogger add a gadget. It is called 'My special day' and was written by Kevin Chu.