Friday, February 13, 2009


went the whole day yesterday without jerking off! this is an accomplishment for me as there is nothing except my own will power stopping me. After work and dinner, my wife (K) and I fought a little (over some BS about new kitchen cabinets) and I wondered to myself how this would have played out if I was locked in chastity. I don't want chastity play to interfere with that part of my life (at least not in the beginning). Tomorrow is Valentine's day, a big deal for K. We promised not to exchange gifts, which means I bought her stuff and all I am getting is a card. That is as it should be. I ordered a large flower arrangement that was supposed to be delivered to her office today, then I found out (last night) that she took the day off!. Last minute phone calls to have the delivery rerouted to my home for Saturday. They were very nice about helping me and I would recommend to anyone. (what I ordered is pictured above). Looking forward to tomorrow night, dinner in front of the fireplace, champagne, flowers, etc...

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