Sunday, March 8, 2009

updates etc....

Yesterday AM K and I made love. It was gentle and tender and loving. No way she could have been domme, she was my girl and I was her Man. Makes me wonder if I am ever going to get up the nerve to talk to her about holding my key. What I want (and hopefully she agrees too) would be for us to have our current relationship with the exception of her holding the key, preventing me from masturbating. Eventually, I think she would began to take advantage of the situation and become more and more dominant.

This morning I am wearing 2 neoprene ball stretchers and a neoprene cock ring (pictured). Feels good, tight. Need to keep stretching my balls.

I heard back from the birdlock people, no good suggestions. If I decide to modify the device I will let everyone know and show pics of what I did (if it works).

addendum: after wearing the ball stretchers and cock ring I got so worked up that I 'had to' jerk off. I really need to work on my discipline


  1. Wrong kind of chastity device, perhaps. A traditional belt configuration would enable you to attach a dildo, and give her all the vanilla style sex she wants.