Friday, March 6, 2009

45 minutes

(hangs head in shame) I only lasted 45 minutes in the birdlock. 2 problems surfaced, one the pants I was wearing were too tight and showed the device, since I was heading to work that would be a bad idea. Second, there was some burning sensation in my ball sack. I would have worked through that if not for the device outline showing. The most disappointing part: I was able to pull the device off. I did not have the keys (I left those at home) so I pulled straight forward and the device slipped off (with only a mild amount of pain). This is not good. If I was locked up for real I would have been able to get it off. There is no way I could have put it back on without unlocking it, so my keyholder would have known I cheated. I have written the manufacturer about the problem and will let you know what he has to say. I have an idea of combining the curve's hinged ring with the device, will play around with it this weekend.

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